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Past president elections in Ukraine
Past president elections in Ukraine had one serious drawback. Or rather two: the questionable legitimacy AND candidate for the Presidency that is not chosen by the citizens of Ukraine, but actually openly appointed by USA.
Today the main question for tens of millions of Ukrainian citizens and hundreds of millions of those who consider themselves as Russian world is: What Poroshenko is going to do? Judging on the base of the first days of his presidency, he may well go down in history as Bloody Peter.
Today Ukraine is a project of the United States, which in addition to all of the geopolitical "diversity" (chaos squeezing Russia, bringing NATO bases closer to it’s borders) has another very practical aim. Ukraine should become a buffer state between Western Europe and Russia. State, which should divide Europe and Russia, stop building links between them, block the export of Russian gas to Europe and organize permanent quarreling between Europeans and Russians. The point of all this actions is simple: to create zone of instability in centerr of Europe, which, like a weight on their feet, will pull the economy of Europe and Russia down.
Economical difficulties, constant pre-bankruptcy state, poverty, extremists on the streets, fascists in power. Such Ukraine will become a constant "ulcer" on the body of Europe. And it will permanently create difficulties for European and Russian economics. Which ultimately will give advantage to the entirely different economy - the economy of the United States of America.
This Ukraine-as-American-project is just another threat to Ukraine. And this other Ukraine today is formed - it Novorossia. Her appearance and strengthening can put an end to the American plans, so elimination of alternative - Novorossia Ukraine in short terms is extremely important for the U.S.A. This task was laid on Poroshenko and now he has three options:
1. Physical elimination of those who are fighting for Novorossia.
2. Attempts to fraud Novorossian government with further pulling this new formation back to the American version of Ukraine on some unknown conditions.
3. Banal bribery of Novorossian leadership.
Poroshenkos choice depends on the simplicity and effectiveness of its implementation.
So far, the elimination option looks more perspective. That's why the situation in Donetsk became dramatically worsere. For Poroshenko and other members of the Kiev gang human victims do not play any role, in the same time supervisors” demand to complete given tasks (If Ukraine had a nuclear bomb – in critical situation they would use it, and to the rest of the world they would declare the appearance of "army from Chechnya" that allegedly forced them to take protective measures). Indeed, today the media in Ukraine and Russia's liberal resources openly write about several teams of armed Chechens in the center of Donetsk.
In the case of failing in force scenario Poroshenko will smoothly move to the second option - negotiations. They will be long, so long, that everyone will forget where they started and what was discussed, and then by the "good" Western traditions, Poroshenko will try to deceive leaders of Novorossia , like West always did with other unlikable government leaders: Yanukovych, Kaddafi, Hussein, Milosevic, Mubarak.

The third option bribery - again in its Anglo-Saxon habit of our British and American "partners" supervising Mr. Poroshenko will actively try to combine with the method number two.
As a "bonus" for the intractable individuals a terror will be appllied, (don’t forget the recent attempt on the national governor of Lugansk - Valery Bolotov).
The question arises: what should Novorussian leaders do?
Listen to all what was sad and understand that the only way to survive - is to create their own army and liberate Ukraine from those who so easily spill human blood. From those who only a few months ago were screaming about the use of law enforcement agencies to quell the disturbances on the streets of Kiev and those who are ready to carry out bombing and artillery shelling of residential areas. Novorussia should free all Ukraine from the Nazis; set both Ukrainian and Russian languages as official government languages; all nationalities are equal, all are equal to the (federalization). There is no other way.
For those who doubt: capacity of violence and killings by Kiev government is progressing with tremendous speed. In February, our heart sank at the sight of the burning men from "Berkut" (special forces organisation), at the end of February we clenched our fists, learning about how policemen killings in Kiev. On second of May our blood ran cold when we heard the story about slaughter in Odessa. A week after - the mass murder of policemen and civilians in Mariupol. Another week - ongoing assault Sloviansk victims among civilians and firing mortars at residential areas. Another week - Ukrainian military executioners shot from the right sector murdered wounded soldiers and civilians. Just a few days after - bombing of Donetsk (city of a million ppopulation), killing about a hundred.
And worst of all - it's just the beginning ...
Author - Nicolai Staricov from Russian Federation / Translated by Kirill Kazakov from Odessa – Ukraine.


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