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Ukrainians are negroes also… or what did really happen in Odessa on 2nd May 2014?
Оригинал взят у sergeygrechko в Ukrainians are negroes also… or what did really happen in Odessa on 2nd May 2014?
This article was written by native residents of Odessa ─ those who saw the 2nd May tragedy personally. I (translator) found useful to spread it in an English-speaking society with a view to break the wall of the shameless lie media and help foreigners to get the hidden truth.
Ukrainians are negroes also...
...or what did really happen in Odessa on 2nd May 2014?
Despite the horror of perpetrated in Odessa bloodbath, we must state: this scenario is not new. It reminds Rwandan genocide ─ when came to power Hutu-tribe members killed approximately 70% of Tutsi tribe (their historical neighbors in the same country) and at the same time those Hutu who felt friendly to Tutsi. This well-performed in Africa method of so-called "controlled chaos" whereby "white people" exploit resources of such rich continent (natural same was as a human), from recent time has been successfully launched in Europe. Needless to say, in Eastern Europe...
Essence of fratricidal tragedy painfully simple: members of lifted to power by instrumentality of the "Maidan revolution" in Kiev "tribe" now conflicting with anti-Maidan "tribe". Massacre took place with using fire-weapons and ammunition from both sides. As an irreparable result the members of the defeated "tribe" were trapped in the building where they were mercilessly executed. Smokescreen instead of curtain.
It's important to notice that at this time the nationality or even territory (as it seems to be) ─ isn't the border which separates warring "tribes". This border runs through the language. From the one side ─ the tribe that advocates for exclusivity of Ukrainian language; from the opposite side ─ those who demand to provide equal rights to Russian language i.e. give Russian language national status together with Ukrainian. (Just for reference: Russian and Ukrainian are very similar ─ much more than Spanish and Italian). Here comes the whole ideological conflict: unfunny paradox of the situation is that the both tribes in the majority speak Russian in their everyday-life.
Of course, there are lots of versions: someone is trying to manipulate the citizens using a lie; for another one (who looks at things from higher position and through the qualitatively different worldview) the existence of a large number of versions itself is important (because it is the only way to create illusion of free choice between "lie #1" and "lie #2").
Official Kiev consistently implements the story under the code-name "peaceful demonstrators". Allegedly conscious Ukrainians and football fans brought together to the city center to sing the national anthem of Ukraine. They were attacked by aggressive pro-Russian rednecks undercover of the local police. People's anger had no limits. "Peaceful" ones went to Kulikovo square (reference: the place in Odessa where execution was committed) to liquidate the source of separatism (a number of tents where pro-Russians stayed for about 2 months). Pro-Russian group was scared to death, barricaded into the "House of Trade Unions" ("HoTU"), used firearms and Molotov cocktails against Pro-Ukrainians and burned themselves by tragic accident. However, there is some evidence that Molotov cocktails were used from both sides. The upgraded version states that the "HoTU bloodbath" was prepared by the Russian intelligence agency to defame the official Kiev and in such way justify sending Russian troops into Ukraine territory. According to the postmortem expertise , an unknown gas (the trace of which) used inside and being the reason of many deaths, was the main argument of this version. For an average person any kind of "unknown gas" is associated with Nord-Ost siege: that's why this version is being accompanied by the facts of all other terrorists attacks which have ever happened in Russia with such comments as "Russian intelligence agency know their job!".
The southern-eastern Ukraine's version (and adjoining version of the Moscow) can be explained in following words: "fascism will not pass!!!". Pro-Russian group learn about the soon arrival of the Right Sector (by the way according to the initial information a numerous Right Sector came precisely to "clean up" the pro-Russian base on Kulikovo square: but there was no adequate reaction from the pro-Russian defenders) and they decided to stop neo-fascists with help of brute force. During the battle the pro-Russian group was pushed from the city center (where the first fight ensued) back to Kulikovo square (around 3 km. distance from the city center) where "someone" advised to hide into HoUT. Right Sector (consisted not only of Right sector members and football fans, but also from private-capital killing squads) got inside the building and committed a crime. Purpose of this actions ─ to threat the pro-Russian group and those who feel friendly to them and at the same time to appoint an insider as a new governor of Odessa thus to prevent referendum like it was in Donetsk, Lugansk cities and Crimea.
But, taking into account the globalization process, in the recent events can be seen old as Bible principle "divide and conquer!" ─ same as nowadays in Africa. "White civilizing missionaries" together with "universal values" brought to Africa the bloody ethnic conflict (as a result of incorrect interpretation of ethnic identity). Since that time whole continent suffers of endless civil war. Why does "white" need this? ─ The answer is obvious: too many diamonds... and too large human potential to let them develop it (by the way this is the permanent base of any kind of the slavery and at the same time the most important feature of African history).
So in this way the fratricide between Hutu and Tutsi, Serbs and Albanians, pro-Ukraine and pro-Russian groups, "fascists" and "antifa" is being provoked. For sure this sacrifice also has occult subtext. Leastwise the undeniable fact is that as a result of the "revolution" members of private religious organization (who in reality practice satanic rituals) came to power: and paraded disfigured charred bodies are certainly an essential part of secret ritual process, which outsiders must not know.
But for our opinion this is not the point. Because of recent social shocks term "fascism" sounds oftener and it's features inherent in the two conflicting sides. Exploring essence (but not historically conditioned socio-political forms) it can be clearly understood that "fascism" ─ such kind of society lifestyle, when members of this society are unable to realize their genetic potential in full, i.e. to become a Human in the fullness of a Homo Sapiens dignity and kindness. In this sense there is not any difference between Russia and Ukraine: Donetsk's desire to join Russia (immediately after the referendum on sovereignty!) shows that in the fascism liquidation quest this people have no success. In other words, they are simply exchanging one slave-holder to another.
But coming back to the sense of the conflict behind the "language problem" hides fateful worldview difference and incompatibility of lifestyles. Such principle like "there is only one national language in Ukraine ─ Ukrainian" leads to the social collapse and disengagement, which seems to be ─ but it isn't! ─ fair fight for the unity of Ukraine (main slogan ─ "Ukraine is not Russia"). Quite another matter to let both related languages to interact freely. Such alternative principle ("Ukrainian, Russian and any other language have equal rights") let Muslims and Christians to agree together in same country for more than 500 years. Bad that the supporters of both languages equality are opposite to the unity of Ukraine (thus consciously or unconsciously joining separatism flow: but, speaking honestly, true separatists are those who collapsed Soviet Union 23 years ago). This fact evidences how much fascism enslaved them all without exceptions.
All these difficulties can be overcome by Love only. Not blind passion ─ but true Love, which one guarantees precise and adequate view of the world around and it's real nature. Life-creating Love.

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